• Compatibility with KSP 1.4
  • Added new craft type : boat ;
  • You now need to use the combination Shift + F1 to take screenshots (avoids the message "Aerodynamic Forces Overlay ...") ;
  • Added quota on posts (max 500) and vessels (max 100) per user to control disk space consumption ;
    • Hangar added. Share your creations and test those of other users !
    • Thumbnail of the last ships displayed on the homepage ;
    • Added advanced search form for crafts ;
    • Added Hangar tag on the logbook ;
    • Added management interface for crafts (the user can set a YouTube video and upload images) ;
    • Added comments and "Like" system on all publication types (posts, projects and crafts) ;
    • Added overview on mouse hover (posts and crafts) ;
    • Added donors list ;
    • Features presentation on the homepage ;
    • Added new statistics on homepage : crafts number, craft downloads and posts viewed ;
    • Show the 10 last comments and 10 last registered users (5 before) ;
    • Fixed bug on usernames formatting ;
    • Added text on the footer indicating that KSP Players is not affiliated with or KSP Squad ;
    • Ergonomic enhancements ;
    • Technical optimizations (security, SEO, libraries upgrade, refactoring) ;
    • Added Hangar window that allows you to browse in crafts library and load them directly in the editor ;
    • Added upload button to publish crafts on library (take screenshot, get vessel technicals characteristics, delta-v and detect addon used) ;
    • Added system to download images from website and put them in a memory cache ;
    • Added system to index parts provided by addon (used when uploading craft) ;
    • Bug fix on achievement "Laythe Sagen Sea" ;
    • Message displayed on top left when loading / unloading addon ;
    • Technical optimizations ((refactoring, memory consumption) ;

    This new version require KSP 1.0.0 or higher.
    Addon settings storage format has changed. You will need to login again and enable auto login if necessary.
    • Added more than 50 achievements !
    • Achievements reorganization in categories ;
    • Rank position displayed next to each username (exemple : [42] ). This rank is calculated and updated every hour ;
    • Added parameter to subscribe / unsubscribe from project newsletter in account settings form ;
    • Posts assigned to a project are displayed again on the home page and the logbook ;
    • Avatars transparency now work ;
    • Fixed an issue on French browser language detection ;
    • Technical optimizations ;
    • Adding a window that allows you to setup the addon. New parameters will be added as needed;
    • Rank displayed next to user avatar. Rank is updated at each connection ;
    • Improved design of the main menu and achievements browser ;
    • Fixed an issue on default avatar load ;
    • Addon settings are now stored in an XML file ;
    KSP 1.0 is highly recommended.
    Your avatars were automatically uploaded and resized during the update. Please check that everything is good ;-)
    • Addon version is now handled independently to allow updates to the website only ;
    • You can now upload your avatar. This system allows to automatically resize avatars and improves the security of the platform                avoiding loading external resources ;
    • The menu window can now be moved and closed via a button ;
    • Fixed a bug in KSP Players button display (KSP 1.0) ;
    • Adaptation of science achievements to match new technology tree ;
    This new version require KSP 0.90 or higher.

    This major release contain a large amount of improvements.

    The website has been completely redesigned with objectives :

    • Highlight the content posted by users
    • Easy navigation and content search
    • Optimize display for Tablets and Smartphones
    • Prepare the platform for scalability and integration of future features

    The add has also undergone some changes.

    You will find below a non-exhaustive list of changes.

    I hope this new version will meet your expectations :-)

    • New graphics !
    • New logo !
    • The "Profile" is now called the "Logbook", a name more suited to space context ^^
    • Other change in terminology : "Missions" "Projects" and "Publications" "Posts ;
    • Deleted public / private profile system ;
    • Deleted "Message Of The Day" which is replaced by "News" panel on the website ;
    • New homepage with side panels (last comments, podium, records, users online...) ;
    • New logbook !
    • Added search engine (users, posts, projects) ;
    • New content manager (post edition, projects creation ...) ;
    • Each user can now write his biography ;
    • News are now in the homepage for direct access ;
    • Navigate into project's posts with next / previous buttons ;
    • Hypertext links are now clickable on comments ;
    • Project's posts displayed in a timeline ;
    • It's now possible to change language on the "Account settings" page ;
    • Email must be confirmed on register form ;
    • Added content in FAQ ;
    • Auto detection of browser language arriving on website ;
    • Lazy loading of images, bandwith optimising and pages loading time ;
    • Refactoring and optimisations ;
    • Addon now integrated in game toolbar ;
    • Added new main window showing user's avatar and link to others features ;
    • Detect addon updates with KSP Add-on Version Checker (KSP AVC) ;
    • Deleted achievements notifications in the chat ;
    • Icon's textures are now loaded in high resolution ;
    • Deleted console commands /vab, /sph /ts /sc ;
    • New protocol for addon / website communications ;
    • Refactoring and optimisations ;
    • Two displays for publications on the profile: slideshow (default) or list ;
    • Improved design of the top of the home page
    • Filtering publications depending on the language (tabs Publications and Comments) ;
    • Adding language (flag) next to each username ;
    • Various design improvements ;
    • Enhanced communication system between the addon and the site (no more disconnections on the chat ^ ^). Display the number of requests being processed and ping ;
    • New interface: added a console as main window. Access tools and communicate more easily ;-) ;
    • Tracker: display why the ship is not detected as a probe, lander, station etc... ;
    • Display notifications in the console when complete achievements, connection, disconnection ;
    • Each player is now automatically connected to the chat. The list of connected users is no longer displayed ;
    • Added a button on the Login window that allows access to the registration form ;
    • Fixed a bug on the launch detection ;
    • Various optimizations ;

    Console help

    [Enter] : display console
    [Esc] : hide console

    Main commands :
    • /list : list connected users
    • /clear : clear console
    • /close : hide console
    • /profile <username> : show <username> profile
    • /vab, /sph /ts /sc : go to VAB, SPH, Tracking Station or Space Center. Save your flight before using these commands
    • /quit : quit the game
    • /logout : logout from KSP Players
    • /version : display game and addon version
    This new version require KSP 0.23.5 or higher.
    • Added new achievements related to new objective system and Asteroid Redirect Mission pack ;
    • Added "Message Of The Day" on the website homepage and when startup the game ;
    • Improved sorting of achievements in the addon / website to highlight achievements added in each new version ;
    • Deleted statistic "Recovered vessels" ;
    • It is now possible to create missions to organize your publications. At the moment, it is only possible on the website ;
    • You can manage your account (avatar, profile visibility, password etc..) directly from your profile page. Lein the "Manage My Account" from the main menu has therefore been deleted ;
    • Improved layout of the News page ;
    • The About page has been deleted. Its content is now in the FAQ ;
    • Added objective system for achievements ! For now, the progression is stored in memory by the addon. It is lost if the game is restarted ;
    • Landers will no longer need a telescopic ladder ;
    • Adding a sound notification when the platform is under maintenance ;
    • Fixed a bug on automatic identification when the platform is under maintenance ;
    • FS#152 - Fixed bug
    • FS#153 - Fixed bug

    • Flight information are automatically recorded and displayed next to each publication ;
    • Adding a "Statistics" tab on the user profile. New achievements related to these statistics were added ;
    • Achievement's categories are now translated ;
    • Adding a voting system on publications ;
    • Sort publications by date, number of views or number of votes ;
    • Added a "Comments" tab to easily locate those published recently
    • Added two random publications on the first page of "Publications" tab ;
    • Added a support page for the project. It is now possible to make a BitCoin donation ;
    • Various design improvements ;
    • Improved management of connectivity between addon and platform ;
    • Dynamic loading of achievement's categories ;
    • Added a sound notification to confirm the publication of content in the logbook ;

    • Improved platform performance and security ;
    • Unification of session system (between website and addon) ;
    • Improved layout of achivements list and ranking ;
    • Publications are now open in a modal window to simplify viewing. The comment system has also been improved ;
    • Improved "users online" list ;
    • It is now possible to sort the publications by date or popularity ;
    • Displays the total number of comments on the home page ;
    • Displays the number of publications and comments next to each user in the ranking ;
    • Disabling automatic scrolling which is replaced by a button "Show more" ;
    • Display an information message when the user's browser has an ads blocker ;
    • Automatic redirection to the last page viewed after the identification ;
    • Changing sync interval of addon with the website ;
    • Increased frequency of achievement checking by the addon (from 2 to 1 sec) ;
    • Better submission of achivements done by the addon ;
    • The button "Login " is no longer displayed when a login attempt is being ;
    • Improved automatic reconnection module : limited number of attempts, icon displayed when the module is active ;
    • Added achievements (most related to Minmus biomes) ;
    • Better security between addon and website ;
    • Up storage of screenshots from 20 to 100 MB ;
    • New home page : highlight community contributions ;
    • You can now comment publications. I have not yet integrated the ability to edit / delete / report comments. I trust you , in case of problems, contact me using the link at the bottom of website ;-) ;
    • The "Achievements box" , available on the home page , allow you to submit your ideas ;
    • Added a breadcrumb ;
    • Fixed several anomalies on the recognition of probes Addon ;
    • The addon now automatically reconnects to the platform in case of loss / connection problem ;
    • Technology "Landing" is now necessary to unlock R&D Tier 4 achievement ;
    This new version require KSP 0.22.0 or higher.
    • New achievement browser on the website and in the addon ;
    • Adding more than 30 new achievements for a total of 206 ;
    • Updating criteria used to detect probes : 2 tons maximum, must have at least one sensor or scientific equipment ;
    • Increased number of points of Tylo achievements ;
    • Storage of screenshots from 10 to 20 MB ;
    • Users can now reset achievements ;
    • Users can now delete account ;
    • New layout for profile page ;
    • New login notification sound ;
    • Donate window now appear randomly ;
    • Enhanced gps related achievements ;
    • Notification icon when chat message is received while windows is hidden ;